Rambert School Research offers a platform to inspire, provoke, debate and impact upon the ever-changing dance landscape.

Coming soon: a range of webinars, symposia, and guest lectures for our students, supporters and the wider dance community.

Past areas of staff research include embodied reflective practice within conservatoire and professional dance contexts, focusing on creative and embodied methods of reflection, dancer’s agency and unpacking the tension between artistic freedom, institutionalisation and traditionally entrenched notions of dance training.

Research on reflective practice was published in The Journal for Dance Education and Training and the Journal for Dance and Somatic Practices.


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This programme offers flexibility through the development of a bespoke learner’s contract that can be tailored to their individual needs and support their practice-led research enquiry across a two-year part-time delivery structure. Offering a range of exploratory learning environments students will be supported independently by a mentor whilst engaging with tutor-led seminars, practical workshops, guest lectures and student-centered reading/research focus groups.

The programme has been written and developed in by the academic faculty at Rambert School led by Head of Studies, Phaedra Petsilas and Postgraduate Advisor, Professor Sarah Rubidge. Supported by MA Programme Manager Deborah Norris, the team have worked with Principal, Amanda Britton and a range of professional dance specialists to inform the programme, with a heightened understanding of the demands of working as a performer, educator, or creative in the dance field, in order to create a unique Dance Research programme. The priority for the team was to develop a programme that supports, encourages and affirms the value of dance practitioners’ professional practice in relation to academic research.

To find out more visit MA Dance Research.

Read about recent project with Stuart Waters ‘Safeguarding the Creative Process and the Artist’, focusing on dancers’ agency, resilience and mental health within the studio environment.



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